LOTHF Book of Poems Reviews

Hello Highly Favored Persons,

I have been waiting for this moment when I give my readers a chance to write reviews on my book Lifestyle of the Highly Favored: Book of Poems. I am so excited to hear the different experiences and perspectives while reading. I know they will be diverse and interesting. Please feel free to write a book review in a comment below.

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Hello Highly Favored Persons, (Birthday Reflections)

This year has been amazing! I have done things this year that I never thought I could do like write a book and paint for many amazing men and women of God. I can say year 26 has been amazing to me. I am Highly Favored and abundantly blessed!  I wonder, what amazing things does year 27 has in store for me? Well I’m expecting the expectant, the unexpected and the above and beyond! God will use me this year in amazing ways in art, culture and writing. He is up to something and you, my amazing readers are going to have a front row seat! I am so grateful to all my readers who allow me to bring this edification to you that The Lord gave me. Let’s go to new levels this year!

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I Need an Intervene!

Born into stacked up impossibilities
Worked up an entanglement of her own
Pushed a way by the one she loved
Out-pours from the depth of her heart
Withdrawing deposits of love where
love lacked. A part she badly wished
but was never filled by her dad
Throw in a chronic lack of edification
left stripped bare a soul of a woman
screaming Inner cries of desperation

Saying, I need an intervene
who can make me whole?
Who gon’ vouch for me?
I feel like I’m gone.
I need a love that won’t deplete
Supplying more than I can ever give
I need it to come and reach out for me
My heart, my heart is in deficit
This love what does it take?

“No prerequisites!” -God


Cheap Wandering

In the recesses of my mind

I went for a hunt and search

And see what I’ll find

I needed a retreat off

the grid out the daily grind

So to speak

went in for an adventure

you call it a thrill ride

on the way back home

my newfound treasures

Went lost along

with my belongings

my spirit Memphis bleaked

heart caught attached

 to the things I can do without

 en route back

I try to grab a hold of those

things I once treasured

the things I adored

like a manual handling of liquid

They seemed to just

 seep right thru my hands

then I went for a treasure hunt

to recover those things lost

on the ride

 I came back with much

less when I arrive

a little more away from love

Instead of gaining,

it’s what I formerly owned

now pending restore…

LOTHF Be Free Series: Skin Bleaching

It wasn’t your fault
You thought if you de-melanize
life would be easier and outside
stimuli would be proven better
after all you had to do what you
can for the fam cuz you a go getter
A little less melanized then
you’d be allow to desensitized
if you can chameleon then you’ll
be able to descend to oblivion
Girl you didn’t know
To the corner you were pushed
no choices you had it was do or do
so do you did
got that weave and bleached
that skin hoping for outcomes less
like a loss and more like a win
Baby, we didn’t know
When self hate was the fruit birthed
of a disapproving stare and
 when the ethnic name
didn’t get you through the door
more and more the standards were as such
you didn’t make the rules
but you were willing to go
 beyond and above
From encouraged self-hatred you’ll
gather whatever self love
next time you stare at your face
be sure to select filter “Grace”