Thou Art by LOTHF

Thou Art by LOTHF

(An Ode to God and Art)

This lady knows no more fullness than in the expressed Thou Art
From the depth of the HE(Art) draw lines and write them creates and makes and shapes
Thou Art is to be the most present yet still in the sweetest escape
A passionate go at times a silent cry expressed in my brush explored in my pen
Thou Art is unafraid of the situation that hurts the woman, the condition that ales the man
Time is ripe to narrate again where’s my brush, bring me my pen for another round
This time unsure of what was lost but as always with Thou Art, I am found.




Hello Highly Favored Persons,

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of displaying my art at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami, Florida for the Caribbean Marketplace event. What fun it was to be with other creatives and tell others about my art and the meanings of the paintings. More amazing LOTHF experiences to come!


Here’s a picture of me at the center with some of my pieces.

LOTHF Loves you!



Delight by LOTHF



Does it come thru once in a blue

Is it reliable remaining true to you

Is it pleasant  always palatable

Is it digested ingested is it containable

Is it a decision in dark in bright

Is it a conviction come what might


It’s great intentions enveloped

Good regards tied in a rope

Loud guitars at a funeral

Ironies and realities unite

Poisonous doves and docile bites

Synchronized paralled chaos

Premium suits made with rayon

A phase in and out of time

To be both dead and alive


In the belly of the fish

In fish meals in blessed bread

In regret in reject

In magnificent beasts and insects

Even in recession even hangs in fret

Rides on dread and present in forget

In loving memory in true Hollywood story

In the guts in the glory

In vibrant youth in mature fruit

Grouped in community

Alone in a large city

Delight is ever present

Delight is for all who accepts it

LOTHF Book of Poems Reviews

Hello Highly Favored Persons,

I have been waiting for this moment when I give my readers a chance to write reviews on my book Lifestyle of the Highly Favored: Book of Poems. I am so excited to hear the different experiences and perspectives while reading. I know they will be diverse and interesting. Please feel free to write a book review in a comment below.

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Thank you so much for reading : )



Hello Highly Favored Persons, (Birthday Reflections)

This year has been amazing! I have done things this year that I never thought I could do like write a book and paint for many amazing men and women of God. I can say year 26 has been amazing to me. I am Highly Favored and abundantly blessed!  I wonder, what amazing things does year 27 has in store for me? Well I’m expecting the expectant, the unexpected and the above and beyond! God will use me this year in amazing ways in art, culture and writing. He is up to something and you, my amazing readers are going to have a front row seat! I am so grateful to all my readers who allow me to bring this edification to you that The Lord gave me. Let’s go to new levels this year!

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LOTHF loves you,